Credit features its first ever international brands festival

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANSlife) Nothing brings a shopaholic as much joy as buying state-of-the-art products on sale, at a whim. However, we’ve all been guilty of adding items to our carts from different companies only to be met with disappointment when we see that they have an excessive delivery fee attached to it or worse — they do not deliver to your location.

To help you decorate your home or office space with high-end products, CRED Store will be launching a CRED International Brands Festival for the first time ever from February 25 to March 1, 2021. It will be curating a range of products from over 20 brands from across the world like Beyond Object, Flyte, A Good Company, Circle. The products will feature home decor to office essentials, accessories to bar essentials and travel essentials, made available exclusively to CRED members.

This rewarding platform promises you amazing products and experiences that will upgrade your lifestyle, just by maintaining basic financial discipline like paying your credit card bills on time. Here are glimpses of a few offers on CRED that members just cannot refuse. Here is a glimpse of what members can expect from the five-day-long festival:


Curvo Wall Clock by Beyond Object

Designed with versatility in mind, the elegant curve of the clock face, combined with free rotational fitting can create an ever-changing appearance, capturing the rhythm of time itself.

Price: Rs 4,999

Silo Wall Clock by Beyond Object

This simplistic sculptural clock designed by Silo creates an interesting aesthetic appeal through the use of angular hour and minute hands that play on mathematical tangential relations and triangular forms.

Price: Rs 11,999

Levitating Light Bulb by Flyte

One of the winners of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016 and winner of the LIT Award Lighting Product Design of 2017, Flyte’s iconic levitating light bulb hovers mid-air, combining minimalist design and magnetic magic, making it a perfect gift for one’s home.

Price: Rs 18,999


Drink Rocks by Area Ware

These platonically shaped stones are designed to be chilled in your freezer before being admired in your evening cocktail. Our Drink Rocks are made with natural materials and are finished by hand.

Price: Rs 1,499

Rocks Glass by Corkcicle

This double-walled Rocks Glass Set is created to be light-weight yet durable, that is hot and cold ready. Its versatility makes the perfect addition to your at-home bar or a gift-ready surprise for a friend.

Price: Rs 3,749

Canteen from Corkcicle

This triple-insulated canteen is a beautiful and uniquely designed drinkware with a metallic finish that has the ability to keep your drinks cold for 25 hours and piping hot for 12.

Price: Rs 2,749


Doodle Crayon by Circle

Designed in Brooklyn, the Doodle Crayons are an innovative and contemporary take on the most popular plaything for children to help foster a balanced early brain development for your child.

Price: Rs 749

Waves Puzzle by Waves Puzzle Co.

Waves is a modern take on a jigsaw puzzle that features 49 eye-catching, colour-shifting acrylic pieces, it helps clear your head, sharpen your mind and enter you into a state of creativity and problem-solving.

Price: Rs 2,499

Minim Playing Cards by Area Ware

With simple geometric symbols are reductive versions of hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades, Minim’s Playing Cards enable you to focus on what truly matters, and do away with unwanted noise.

Price: Rs 1,499


Align Ballpoint Pen by Beyond Object

With the body of the pen dislocated in the middle, tempting you to ‘align’ it to shape to activate its function, the Align Ballpoint Pen is exquisitely designed that breaks the norm of pen design, creating an elegant piece of micro sculpture with functionality.

Price: Rs 3,499

Stow Slim Sleeve for 13” Macbook by Stow

Designed in Hong Kong, has been crafted with a resistant textile exterior and soft quilted interior and a cleverly designed pocket on the outside for easy access, has a water repellent zipper with a coated canvas finish overall for extra care.

Price: Rs 3,499

A5 Waterproof Notebook by A Good Company

Made in Sweden, this stone notebook is award-winning and the world’s first climate-positive notebook made from recycled stone. The notebook is waterproof, tear-resistant and wrinkle-free.

Price: Rs 999


Tube Watch by LEFFamsterdam

Designed in Amsterdam, the design of the Tube watch has an iconic extruded ring that functions as the clock’s face, making it one of the most iconic watches of its kind.

Price: Rs 11,999

Key Cable by Native Union

Designed in Hong Kong, this key cable is an innovative take on your average lighting cable that serves as an aesthetic keychain, ensuring that you have your charger with you at all times.

Price: Rs 1,999

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