Critics and fans call ‘Jersey’ Shahid Kapoor’s best film ever!


Jersey’ opened to a lukewarm response at the theatres and unlike movies like ‘RRR’ or ‘KGF: Chapter 2’, it failed to bring in large number of audiences to the screen.

‘Jersey’ also saw countless delays on its way to release in the theatres. The movie was originally supposed to release in December 2021, but rising Covid cases pushed the release to February, which again got postponed to April 14 and then the makers decided that it would be better to push it yet again by a week and it finally released on April 22, 2022.

Even though ‘Jersey’ opened in theatres without having to compete with ‘KGF: Chapter 2’, which released a week earlier, or ‘Heropanti 2’ and ‘Runway 34’, that opened a week later, the movie was sandwiched between these two and never managed to run full house.

That said, critically speaking, the movie has won the lead actor, Shahid Kapoor plenty of accolades for his heart-warming performance in the movie. The fans who did make it to the cinemas to watch the movies are also in agreement that ‘Jersey’ might be Shahid Kapoor’s best performance yet.

Film critics have been labelling this performance as Shahid’s “career-best”. Many are confident that Shahid might walk away with many awards for this portrayal this year.

He has evidently essayed the role of Arjun Talwar so well, it is hard to believe that this is a superstar playing a role. The movie is slice-of-life and is meant to be a feel-good inspirational movie and all those who have watched it claim that this heart-warming tale stays with you long after you leave the theatre.

Nani, too had received similar accolades when the movie ‘Jersey’ had released in Telugu. This is why despite not finding large number of audiences at the silver screen, ‘Jersey’, which was made on a moderate budget has still managed to recover the cost of production. Given the pandemic pressure, the makers have already managed to negotiate a good deal with OTT platforms and so the movie was released in theatres without feeling the pressure of making box office numbers.

This is one of those ironies, where the movie in terms of box office numbers would likely be labelled a ‘flop’ but the movie has managed to recover its cost and make a profit, added with the fact that it has won critical acclaim all over means that the movie will still be labelled as a “success”.


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