Cruise service in Ayodhya from November


Devotees and tourists will be able to set sail on the Saryu River when the Ramayana Cruise Service begins in Ayodhya before Deepotsav.

The state-of-the-art luxury cruise ship will be operated by the Alaknanda Cruiseline, which launched the Alaknanda cruise service in Varanasi three years ago.

According to a government spokesman, the Ramayan Cruise Service will be operated with the support of the state tourism department.

“The service that will enable tourists to experience a blend of spirituality with luxury” the official said.

Vikas Malviya, the director of Alaknanda Cruiseline, said, “We are very thrilled to launch the first-ever luxury cruise service — Ramayan Cruise Service — on the holy Saryu river in Ayodhya. We aim to give a memorable experience to the pilgrims. The ship will sail on the Saryu from one Ghat to another.”

The cruise will have all luxury and facilities. At the same time, it will be equipped with all the essential safety and security features as per international standards.

The interiors of the cruise are based on the theme of the Ram Charitramanas. The cruise ship has large glass windows to allow passengers to see the beauty of the Ghats.

The 90-minute-long trip will be called the Ram Charitramanas Tour, Malviya said.

“It would cover Ram Ghat, Laxman Ghat, Guptar Ghat and other Ghats of the Saryu. The entire trip will be of around 16 kilometres,” he said.

A film on important events from the birth of Lord Ram to his becoming the king is being made exclusively for the trip. The film will be shown to the tourists and pilgrims on board the cruise.

The cruise will also have selfie points inspired by episodes of the Ramayana.

The cruise vessel, equipped with a kitchen and pantry, is being made in Kolkata and will reach Ayodhya in the first week of November. It has a hybrid engine system and bio-toilets.–IANS