Curbs of poet Satchidanandan’s FB page for violating ‘community standards’


Curbs have been imposed on the Facebook page of popular poet and critic K. Satchidanandan for a day, the former secretary of Sahitya Akademi himself said on Saturday.

“This came last night and the reason is for posting a hilarious video about Amit Shah (Union Home Minister) and the loss of the Kerala unit of the BJP in the recent Assembly polls. I had also posted another advertisement about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I had received both these on my WhatsApp,” said the poet.

“Due to this, I was unable to post or share or write a comment and it should be over on Saturday night. On April 21, I received a warning and that was for a comment which had humour in it. Before that I started to notice that comments of mine were disappearing,” said the former English professor who quit his job to take up the editorship of Indian Literature, the English journal of the Indian National Academy, in Delhi in 1992.

He also added that he cannot do any Facebook live for 30 days because he has violated their ‘community standards’.

“I feel such things can be expected time and again from now on. When I tried to post an article against suppression of criticism that appeared in the medical journal Lancet, I got the message that ‘you are trying to post something other people on Facebook have found abusive’. So I feel that there are preying eyes behind critics like me,” added the poet.