CWC to meet on Covid situation


To keep the pressure on the Centre, the Congress has called a meeting of its working committee, CWC, on Saturday to discuss the issue of Covid resurgence.

This comes a week after the ministers and chief ministers of the Congress-ruled states met to discuss the Covid-19 crisis.

The Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi had earlier written a letter to the Prime Minister demanding a waiver of GST on the drugs and equipment used for Covid treatment.

She also demanded that Rs 6,000 should be transferred every month in the accounts of those who are eligible.

She urged the government to put a system in place for the relief and rehabilitation of the migrant workers and transfer Rs 6,000 every month to the eligible people as the curfews and curbs have been imposed to contain the virus spread.

The Congress has also started a social media campaign for ‘vaccination for all’.

Claiming that the country was facing a shortage of vaccines, the party said that export of the vaccine should be stopped immediately and the people of India should be vaccinated first.