Cyclone Tauktae: AFCONS announces compensation package for family of deceased


AFCONS Infrastructure, whose chartered barge had sunk in the Arabian Sea due to Cyclone Tauktae earlier this week leaving at least 51 people dead, stated on Friday that it is its moral duty to support not only the families of the deceased persons on its direct rolls, but also the families of all the deceased persons who were employed with its subcontractors.

The company stated that the calamity arising from the fury of Cyclone Tauktae was unprecedented and it shared the anguish of the affected families.

AFCONS said that it would ensure that the families of the deceased receive a total compensation equivalent to the balance period of service up to 10 years through a combination of ex gratia pay-outs and insurance compensations.

While the modalities of the payments are being worked out, it is estimated that the total compensation would range from Rs 35 lakh to Rs 75 lakh per family.

The company added that it would also be setting up a trust to support the educational needs of the children of the deceased through scholarships. Further, trauma and grief counselling are being organised to help the families affected by the disaster.

“We can never compensate the loss of a loved one, but in this time of grief, we hope we can relieve the financial loss faced by the family members,” the company said.