Nicosia, April 15 (IANS) Even though no decision has been made yet on when to restart the Cypriot football league fixtures, Pancyprian Footballers Association (PASP) has rejected a proposal by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) to cut player’s salaries in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, PASP President Spyros Neophytides said on Wednesday.

He said the proposal, which was made on Monday by CFA and asked for a reply by Thursday, was rejected unanimously during a teleconference on Tuesday evening, reports Xinhua news agency.

CFA had proposed to cut salaries of footballers who earn more than 2,000 euros monthly by 23 percent.

Neophytides told an athletics program on state radio that the footballers of first division teams decided to make a counter proposal to be submitted officially on Wednesday for the start of discussions between PASP and CFA in order to find a just solution.

“The discussions should focus on how to deal with any damage as a result of the stoppage of the league matches,” Neophytides said.

CFA President Giorgos Koumas said in a letter to the footballers association that the reason behind the proposal to cut footballer’s salaries was the very difficult times for football, not just in Cyprus, but in the whole world.

“The suspension of the championships was a government measure and, while we understand it and reinforce it, we do not yet know when football will be allowed to resume,” the letter from Koumas said.

Koumas added in his letter that it was the practice in all countries hit by the coronavirus pandemic to share the economic losses, as suggested by FIFA in its latest letter to football federations around the world.

FIFA had called on the federations and the players’ union to find a common ground and come to an arrangement regarding the salaries of the footballers.

Though there was still no official decision when to restart the Cypriot league game, some teams had suggested they would restart training in May.

Cyprus is under a complete lockdown until the end of April, and experts advising the Health Ministry have suggested that there should not be any relaxation of restrictions before the third week of May.




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