Czech PM unhappy as six test Covid positive in Tokyo (ld)

The Czech Olympic Committee has come under fire from the country’s Prime Minister after six athletes and officials tested positive for Coronavirus in Japan.

Czech PM Andrej Babis termed the situation “a scandal” as three more players, who travelled in the same flight to Tokyo, tested positive in the Olympic Village.

“I don’t like this one bit. I don’t understand how it could happen,” Babis was quoted as saying by the media in Prague.

Meanwhile, the Czech Olympic Committee (COV) has initiated an inquiry after three more athlete from their contingent tested positive for Covid-19.

Czech Republic’s beach volleyball player Marketa Nausch-Slukova has tested positive. She is the fifth member and the third athlete of her country’s delegation to test positive for the virus.

Nausch Slukova’s Austrian coach and husband Simon Nausch tested positive earlier this week along with beach volleyball player, Ondrej Perusic, and table tennis hope Pavel Sirucek.

According to a report in, “The Czech Olympic Committee (COV) has launched an investigation into whether individuals neglected their duties and whether that caused the positive cases.”

The report added, “COV President Jiri Kejval promised it would focus on whether safety measures against the spread of Covid-19 before, during and after the charter flight were observed and whether some individuals neglected their duties during the trip.”

Marketa is ranked 16th in the world with her teammate Barbora Hermannova.

“It is awfully sad for me, that Barbora and me, we had to quit our journey to Tokyo this way which was supposed to be a peak,” Slukova was quoted as saying in the media.