New Delhi, Feb 20 (IANS) Regular flyers who find the safety drill monotonous can enjoy this video of a flight attendant delivering ‘safety instructions’ which has people rolling on the floor laughing.

His comic timing is perfect and his reaction when the ‘cabin loses air pressure’ is particularly funny.

A Facebook user shared the video with the caption: “This flight attendant needs a raise! Just keep watching….”

In the video, a flight attendant on a WestJet plane heading to US Atlanta, uses body language to liven up the safety briefing and soon has the whole plane in splits.

The five-minute clip filmed by the amused passenger shows the flight attendant dressed in a short-sleeved white shirt and a bright turquoise tie. Demonstrating one of the incidents — how to fasten one’s seat belt, he slams the two ends together before finally inserting the parts correctly and gives the crowd a funny stare.

As the post went viral, Netizens has now become a fan of this flight attendant. A user wrote, “He is great and I would love to have him on the same plane… for the people complaining over his performance, either you don’t fly much or you can’t take the lighter notes. Life is very short and a laugh at the start of a flight is a good way to start a trip.”

Another wrote: “I fly a lot and would love to have him on any/all of my flights, what a great way to start a flight with some humour that I would actually pay attention to the safety brief. Awesome!”

A post read, “This was a great way of telling passengers about all the safety measures….since he told all things in hilarious way people had paid more attention to him and will remember this always.”

“Marvelous way to do his work…he manages to capture the attention of the passengers…in emergency situations people will definitely remember what he was trying to teach them…same thing explained in a serious mode…will be boring….” a user remarked.




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