Dakota Fanning has dead dog’s hair in a necklace

Hollywood actor Dakota Fanning revealed on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ that she wears a necklace which has hair from her dead dog. She said on the show, that it makes her feel like her dog is with her all the time because of that.

On the show, Dakota Fanning was joined by Michelle Pfeiffer her co-star in the series, ‘The First Lady, and she told both Clarkson and Pfeiffer, “So I have her with me.”

Fanning also said, “She actually passed away. My first and only dog, her name was Lewellen.” Fanning then picked up one of her pendant necklaces and showed it to the women.

Showing the pendant, Fanning said, “And this is a little bit of her hair in my necklace.” Hearing this Clarkson remarked that she thought it was both “creepy and beautiful” which Pfeiffer seemed to agree with because she replied, “I know.”

The ‘Breakaway’ singer and host did say that she was a fan of the jewellery. She told Fanning, “You’re a walking shrine. I love it. It’s love!”

Clarkson also told Dakota Fanning that she understood her pain and also that many don’t understand the heartache of losing their beloved pet.

Clarkson said, “People don’t get it! I have kids too, and I’m telling you, the pets are like a part of my family. When one of my dogs died, I thought I was going to die myself.”

Michelle Pfeiffer also chimed in by saying that she “was actually due” to get a puppy as all the dogs she had in the past had died and now she only had a cute cat.

Speaking about her pet, Pfeiffer told Clarkson, “I used to have a lot of dogs, and then one by one, they kind of, you know, passed away, so I don’t have any dogs at the moment, but I do have a cat, Bella. She’s a very special cat.”



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