Daler Mehndi’s special gift to Mame Khan’s daughter on her wedding

Indi-pop star Daler Mehndi gifted first ever Rajasthani song “Aao Ji” as a special gift to Rajasthan folk singer Mame Khan’s daughter on her wedding.

Daler Mehendi was at Khan’s daughter’s wedding on Sunday that was solemnised in a village and gifted the unique gift of the welcome song to the new bride.

Aao Ji is composed using three Hindustani classical Ragas.

Starting with the notes of raag Des, the song traverse through Jaijaivanti to lead to the antra in Raag Saraswati, said Mehendi’s team members adding, “In order to gift it to her on her wedding, Mehndi and his team worked round the clock to record, mix master, shoot, et el.”

Mehndi wrote and composed the song himself using Rajasthani dialect, the team added.