‘Dancer Bahubali’ a major attraction at Bihar’s Sonepur fair

A month-long Sonepur fair in Bihar’s Saran district is attracting large crowds from across the world. Though it has many attractions including the theaters, ‘Maut Ka Kuan’ and others but a horse is attracting every visitor in this fair. The horse’s name is ‘Dancer Bahubali’.

Arman, the owner of the horse, said: “Dancer Bahubali has a unique ability of dancing as soon as we tie ‘Ghungroos’ to his legs. Besides, it is very fast and have a capacity to win any race.”

“The horse has a special diet, which includes dry fruits. The food and other maintenance is expensive… We have been here for the last three days but no one has purchased it so far,” Arman said on Thursday.

Sonepur fair is known for its versatility. It is said that everything is available here from a pin to an elephant or any other expensive item. Due to the pandemic, the fair was not organised in 2020 and 2021.

At Sonepur fair, one of Asia’s largest cattle fairs, the sale of elephants had emerged as the special attraction, but after ban on sale of elephants and some other wildlife animals, now, only cattles, horses, goats and other pet animals are sold here.




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