Danny Sura revisits his ‘Virodhi’ character as show comes to an end


As the television series ‘Virodhi’ draws to a close, Danny Sura, who essayed the character of British district magistrate Jeffrey Fletcher in the show, said the backstory of his character and the way he was developed by the writers gave him plenty of room to experiment.

‘Virodhi’ is set against the backdrop of the Paika Rebellion, which was led by Bakshi Jagabandhu, played by Sharad Malhotra on the small screen, against the land settlement policies of the East India Company in present-day Odisha in 1817.

Talking about the same, Danny said, “It is emotional to leave the character and not being able to give him a fitting ending. But I am happy to see that my hard work has paid off. One of the greatest fears an actor faces is being typecast. It’s no secret that I have played similar characters to Fletcher in other shows.”

“But the characterisation and backstory for Fletcher was so rich that it gave me a lot to play with. I think that the viewers could relate to his vulnerable side, especially when it came to Kalyani and his love/infatuation with her. I received a lot of comments on social media from fans who felt sorry for Fletcher when Kalyani didn’t reciprocate his feelings,” he added.

Danny concluded by saying that he was pleasantly surprised by the positive reactions from the audience to his character, which is essentially an antagonist.

“I expected the fans of the show to dislike Fletcher, but when the positive responses started pouring in, I was overwhelmed. It means a lot to me that people loved the character and that I was able to keep them on their toes as they didn’t know what Fletcher would do whenever he entered a scene,” Danny said.



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