Darren Mann cast for ‘The Minute You Wake Up Dead’ opposite Morgan Freeman

Leo Award winner Darren Mann, who broke out with 2018 drama ‘Giant Little Ones’, has joined the cast of the neo-noir thriller ‘The Minute You Wake Up Dead’, where he will be seen in the company of Morgan Freeman, Cole Hauser and Jamie Alexander.

As per ‘Variety’, the film, with screenplay by Timothy Holland, traces the journey of a stockbroker in a small town who gets involved in an insurance scam with a next-door neighbour, an association that leads to multiple murders. Milestone Studios is handling production finance and sales.

Mann’s upcoming credits include the final season of TNT’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ and the indie project ‘Breakwater’. In the latter, he’ll star opposite Dermot Mulroney and Mena Suvari in a story of a young ex-con who risks his newfound freedom to track down the estranged daughter of a fellow inmate, unknowingly bringing her past straight to her doorstep.




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