Darul Uloom removes Fatwa on child adoption

Islamic seminary, Darul Uloom of Deoband has removed the link of its fatwas pertaining to child adoption from its website, after a complaint was lodged with the National Child Rights Commission (NCRC) over the issue.

The Commission had issued a notice to the seminary through district magistrate of Saharanpur, asking it to submit its response.

The complainant alleged that “unreasonable fatwas were posted on Darul Uloom’s website pertaining to adopting a child, education in madrasas, school syllabi etc and these violated the rights of children and the NCRC should initiate appropriate action on the issue”.

District Magistrate of Saharanpur, Akhilesh Singh said the spokesman of Darul Uloom of Deoband had submitted his reply in this regard

“We are in the process of examining the reply,” said Singh.

“Till that time, we asked the seminary to withdraw the link of the fatwa which is under question and the link has been removed from the website,” he said.

The District Magistrate said if any violation of law was found in the investigation, then action would be initiated under appropriate sections of law against them.

Darul Uloom’s media-in-charge, Ashraf Usmani, said only a link related to a fatwa issued about adoption of a child had been removed from public domain until investigation was underway. He claimed that no ban was imposed on the seminary’s website and it was operational.




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