Daughter-in-law of ex-B’desh AG alleges domestic violence

The daughter-in-law of Bangladesh’s former Attorney General, A.F. Hassan Ariff has alleged domestic violence and filed a case in this regard.

In her case filed on Wednesday at the New Market Police Station in Dhaka, Madhuri Akter Neela has named her husband Muaaz Ariff; A.F. Hassan Ariff; his wife and their daughter as the accused, while also seeking legal rights to get her son back.

“After my marriage I came to know that my husband is alcoholic and he always used other women to maintain an illegal sexual life. He is a womaniser and I caught him red-handed several times,” Neela alleged in the case.

“I informed my father-in-law about the incidents, and also told my mother-in-law’s sister. I told them that I want a divorce. Then they used to ask, ‘You are a good girl. My son has problems. Let him come back from the rehab, then you may make your decision’.”

She also claimed that her hair was cut short and her in-laws took away all her belongings, including her car.

“They have been blackmailing me using my SIM cards, mobile phone and Facebook ID, and threatening to kill me and my second daughter.”

Neela further said: “Accepting with respect to their advice, I continued to stay with my husband, in the same house. Then I conceived. But my in-laws’ family members proposed to abort. But I denied. My husband Muaaz regularly used to assault me physically. During beating me up, my father-in-law used to advise his son not to leave any abrasion or mark of injury on my body.

“One day, they sued in a false case when I was nine-months pregnant. Instead of granting bail, the court ordered the police to send me to jail. I gave birth to my second child on June 6 inside the jail and got out the next day on bail. After getting bail, I went home, but they did not let me enter.”

She further alleged that her in-laws tortured her two-year-old daughter and kept her in confinement.

Sajjadur Rahman, Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Ramna zone police, confirmed to IANS that the case had been filed, adding that legal action will be taken on the basis of evidence.