David Arquette on daughter Coco: She’s an incredible singer and she loves acting


Actor-filmmaker David Arquette feels his 16-year-old daughter Coco has a future in showbiz.

“She’s an incredible singer and she loves acting. We’ve made sure not to do anything professional and just… let her be a kid,” he said in an interview to Entertainment Tonight.

“But you know it’s getting more serious now and you know the performances even are becoming more, you know, polished. So it’s exciting to see. As long as she does something she loves, that’s all we want,” he added about Coco, his daughter from ex-wife, actress Courtney Cox.

Arquette, 49, also feels that his daughter would not need any advice from him, since he feels she is smarter and more confident than him.

“It’s confidence, you really have to have confidence. And she has got more confidence than I ever had performing. So I think she’ll be great,” he said.