Day after Noida twin tower demolition, people start returning home

After the successful demolition of Supertech twin towers in Noida’s Sector 93-A, the residents living in the two neighbouring housing societies — Emerald Court and ATS Village — have started returning to their houses.

Nearly 70 per cent of the people living in the Emerald Court society returned to their houses on Monday.

The housing society was being cleaned by the Noida Authority. Dust settled on the ground and sand was being removed from the society. Some cracks were visible at many places on the surrounding wall of the Aster 2 tower of the Emerald Court society.

After the Twin towers were demolished, some of the debris also accumulated in the flats of ATS Village society. Those who have returned to their homes were making sure that there was no damage caused to their houses, and cleaning of the debris left behind by the demolished building was underway. However, there were still many who have not yet returned to the Emerald Court society.

The work of clearing the debris resulting from the twin tower demolition will start after two days. As many as 10 black boxes were installed in the building for demolition, which were installed to capture the pictures during the demolition, measure the vibration caused inside the building, etc. After analysing these details, it will be ensured that there was no explosive left behind.

Edifice Engineering and CBRI will submit their report, and then only the work of clearing the debris from the demolition spot will start. The debris collected on the roads was removed by the Noida Authority on Sunday evening.

People living in Emerald Court and ATS Village society have said that less damage has been caused than expected. The best thing is that the people themselves made a lot of arrangements along with the RWAs of the society before the demolition of the twin towers. Due to this people are not facing much inconvenience now.

The people living in Aster 1 tower of the Emerald Court society had already covered all the doors and windows of their houses with thick polythene sheets which prevented the dust from entering after the demolition.

People living in Emerald Court and ATS Village society had expected that when they returned to their flats, there would be a lot of dirt, dust and debris. However, a small amount of dust had accumulated in the balconies and the housing society. People had covered up their ACs kept inside the houses, including their washing machines before the demolition exercise.

The fine technology with which the twin towers were demolished did not cause much damage and trouble to the neighbouring housing societies and people were applauding the work done by the engineering personnel who carried out the demolition exercise.




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