Days after old policy implemented, Delhi faces premium liquor brand crisis

After 20 days of the implementation of old liquor policy in the capital city on September 1, Delhi is still facing the liquor crisis, especially of some premium brands of wine and Vodka.

Private liquor shops were shut and the Delhi government vends were opened from September 1 as the city returned to the old liquor policy. However, the city is experiencing massive shortage of both imported and Indian premium brands of alcohol.

“We are unable to provide the liquor of some specific premium brands to the customers as we are not getting it from the back and resultantly, lot of customers go empty handed,” said an outlet manager of East Delhi to IANS. He added that it has affected the credibility to the customers.

However, experts opine that the massive licence fee of Rs 25 lakh is being charged for full year, despite the fact that half the year has already gone, leading to crisis in Single malt whiskies.

“Delhi is facing a massive shortage of premium alcohol, both imported and Indian. Popular imported brands from large multinationals are not yet registered. Leading Indian Single malt whiskies are shying away due to massive licence fee of Rs 25 lakh which, most strangely, is being charged for the full year despite half the year already gone,” Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies (CIABC) Director General, Vinod Giri told IANS.

Giri said that with limited sales volume, they don’t expect to recover even the licenve fees. Many niche innovative products are also staying away for the same reason. From the looks of it, consumers may expect a limited product choice in festive season. Bars and restaurants will feel the pinch, he said.

“Under the current circumstances, government must find ways to permit sale of left-over stocks even if the brands are not being registered for this year,” he said, advising to use all stocks available.




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