DCW chief flags cases of brutality against children and women

Crimes against women and children have increased in the last few years but the main concern is the rising brutality against them, said Swati Maliwal, Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women.

In an exclusive conversation with IANS, Swati Maliwal said, “Definitely the crimes against women and children are on the rise. Among many reasons, one important point is that the reporting of such cases has also increased in the last few years.

“However, the main concern is the rising brutality against women and children as we have numerous examples like how a eight month child is raped and her eyes are taken out in a brutal way”.

“All facts and figures are indicating that crimes against women and children are rising in the capital. After the 2012 incident, the reporting of such incidents was made mandatory which is a good thing that at least such incidents are being reported now. It is also a reason that the crimes seem to be rising, but apart from that, it is also a fact that the crimes are rising”, Swati Maliwal told IANS.

The issue which needs our serious attention is the rising brutality against women and children. Even, children are being burnt after rape. A recent case of brutality against them was in Rajasthan where girls aged between 8 to 18 years are being sold on stamp papers by the Panchayat, the DCW chief said.

“A racket is being run where families are being trapped in debt and thousands of crores of rupees are being earned by selling girls on stamp papers”, Maliwal said. Strict action needs to be taken to stop such practices. Beyond the politics, I appeal to the Rajasthan Chief Minister to take the leadership role to uproot such evils from the root,” she added.

Talking about the Ghaziabad rape case, Maliwal said that we have written to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh to constitute a high level committee to probe the incident. If the committee finds that the girl has levelled false allegations, she must be arrested and action should be taken against her, she said.

Talking to IANS, the DCW chief underlined the role of the police in maintaining law and order in the city. “If we compare with the situation ten years back, we find that crimes have risen manifold. And the role of police can’t be overlooked as it is the only law enforcement agency”, she said.

“If police are given enough resources and start working properly with fixed accountability, we will see the changes”, Swati Maliwal concluded.




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