DCW rescues 8-year-old boy who was tortured by his stepmother

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has rescued an 8-yr-old boy who suffered brutality at the hands of his stepmother.

The boy was regularly beaten up by his stepmother, who resided in West Delhi’s Hari Nagar area. The boy’s cries were regularly heard in the neighbourhood and the neighbours tried to seek help from the police several times. But the police refused to intervene terming it a family matter.

Owing to the police’s inaction, neighbours called the helpline number 181 of the Delhi Commission for Women. The DCW team reached the location and entered the house with a PCR team.

The child was rescued and the stepmother taken to the local police station. Initially the DCW counselled the child and when the child got comfortable he narrated a horrific tale of abuse.

The boy revealed he was regularly thrashed by his stepmother and tied up with a rope whenever she used to venture out. The boy wasn’t allowed to step outside and meet anyone. Also, he wasn’t given food and made to sleep on the floor. There are severe scratch marks on his back.

DCW Chief, Swati Maliwal said, “This is a very shocking and scary case. A young boy was subjected to such brutality and torture. This incident has put humanity to shame. The Commission went out of its jurisdiction to save the boy’s life. We’ve issued a notice to the police asking them why an FIR was not registered in the first place. I am proud of my team that we are working 24×7, serving the citizens of Delhi.”

The child was taken for a medical examination and a complaint registered at the Hari Nagar police station. The boy was later shifted to a shelter home on Tuesday night and then presented before a child welfare committee on that directed his father to be present.

The boy’s father said he had been living with his child and second wife in Mumbai but for the last one and a half years the boy had been living with his stepmother in Delhi.

The custody of the child has been given to his father.