Deadline looms for the 2016 Canadian Census

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Statistics Canada conducts a census every five years. The Canadian census provides a statistical portrait of the country and its people. In Canada, it is mandatory for all residents to participate in the census. The deadline for online submission of information for the 2016 Census is May 11.

Why is the census important?

The 2016 census collects demographic information on every man, woman and child living in Canada. Information from the census will be used by governments, businesses, associations, community organizations and many others to make important decisions for your community, your province or territory, and the entire country.

Census information is important for your community and is used in planning services such as schools, public transportation, senior housing and police and fire services. The last census was conducted in May 2011 and consisted of the Census of Agriculture, the Census of Population, and the 2011 National Household Survey.

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The Census of Population Program offers a wide range of analysis, data, reference and geographical information according to topics (subjects) that paint a portrait of Canada and its population. Covered are Aboriginal Peoples, Age and sex, Education and Labour, Families, households and marital status, Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity, Income and Housing, Language, Mobility and Migration, Population and dwelling counts, Structural type of dwelling and collectives and Information and services.

Population estimates obtained from the census are used to allocate transfer payments from the federal government to the provinces and territories, and from the provinces to municipalities.

Who is included in the census?

The census includes every person living in Canada, as well as Canadians who are abroad, either on a military base, attached to a diplomatic mission, or at sea or in port aboard Canadian-registered merchant vessels. Persons in Canada – including those holding a temporary resident permit, study permit or work permit, and their dependents – are also part of the census.

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Security of data

Statistics Canada considers the protection of confidential information to be extremely important. Before it allows individuals to send their online questionnaire responses over the Internet, certain security conditions must be met. The browser on the computer or the electronic device being used must have a minimum of Transport Security Layer (TLS) encryption capability.

Before your online questionnaire responses can be saved or transmitted to secure servers, the computers will verify the level of encryption in your computer or your electronic device’s browser. Given the nature and importance of the information provided, Statistics Canada uses the highest possible level of security.

Online Questionnaire

The online questionnaire has been rigorously tested, and complies with Treasury Board Secretariat’s Standard on Web Accessibility, to ensure that it is accessible for respondents using assistive technologies. The online questionnaire can also be completed using a mobile device.

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Several measures have been taken to facilitate navigation of the online questionnaire:

  • Each page of the questionnaire is logically structured, featuring form controls as well as a Skip to main content link, which can be activated in order to allow respondents to quickly identify the main content.
  • Screen reader users have the option to hear the question repeated after answer options have been identified.
  • Most questions have a Help button to provide respondents with further context and clarification if needed.
  • Pages with questions that are left blank or incomplete will reload upon activating the Next button, while those requiring revision will be listed sequentially at the top of the content area alongside a direct link to the question.

More information on the 2016 Canadian Census is available at – CINEWS

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  1. How can i fill the paper form i asked for when i haven’t received it in the mail yet. 6256587423748958

    1. The Census Help Line operates Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..
      You can call (toll-free) by phone at 1-855-700-2016 or by TTY (a telecommunications device for people who are deaf) at 1-866-753-7083.
      Call if you:
      did not receive a census questionnaire; need help answering the questions; want more information about the 2016 Census; would like to complete an individual questionnaire; would like to request a secure access code; orwould like to obtain the census questions in another language (available in 22 languages).
      Note: If you would like to obtain an additional questionnaire, please have your secure access code in hand and contact the Questionnaire Request System at 1-855-699-2016.

  2. I never received a census form and phoned to ask why. The man who answered was bellicose and belligerent and said I was just making excuses not to fill it out. I hung up and phoned again getting a different agent this one said we could do it over the phone. Off the start I told who was living in the house which is my wife, daughter in law and I. The questions started off and seemed appropriate then turn to questions that A. are no ones business and B. he got upset as I told him that was none of his business After all what would you think a persons sexual preferences would be when he said he lived with his wife. The government has no business in any ones bedroom or sex life. I, from this point on will never again fill out or take part in any census that goes in that direction but will return the form with the words in capital letters NONE OF YOUR @#[email protected]*G BUSINESS.