Deaths due to poisonous liquor, not liquor ban, says Bihar minister

Bihar’s Liquor Prohibition Minister Sunil Kumar on Monday said that liquor deaths in the states are happening due to poisonous liquor and not due to the liquor ban.

“People of the state are poor and some of them are involved in this illegal business to earn some money. They choose wrong methods to make liquor and sell it in the market. The poor consumer buys such liquor as it is available at low price and became a victim of spurious liquor,” he said.

“Our Chief Minister Nitish Kumar rightly pointed out that you could lose your life if you drink the wrong things,” he said.

The Nitish Kumar government is facing criticism from its coalition partners as well as opposition leaders over its “faulty” implementation of liquor ban law in Bihar.

Critics believe that due to liquor ban, the mafia gangs involved in the illegal business are secretly making liquor where purity is completely compromised. They use to make liquor, having higher potency, which sometimes becomes poisonous.

Liquor ban was imposed in Bihar in April 2016. Following its implementation, hundreds of liquor tragedies took place and thousands of people died or lost their eyesight permanently in Bihar. Three liquor tragedies took place on January 15 this year, leaving at least 37 dead.




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