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Debate boils over SDM Jyoti Maurya after love story goes awry

From ‘Sonam Gupta bewafa hai’ that was trending during demonetisation in 2016, it is now ‘Jyoti Maurya bewafa hai’ that is being hotly debated in Uttar Pradesh.

A viral video of a man from Uttar Pradesh, Alok Maurya, shows him sobbing uncontrollably because his wife Jyoti Maurya, who became a Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM), has left him.

The couple’s story has ambition, drama, infidelity, death threats and much more.

Alok, a Class-four employee in the state government, reportedly encouraged his wife Jyoti to continue her education after marriage in 2010 and supported and funded her studies till she cleared the civil services examination.

Jyoti Maurya, a mother of twin girls, now accuses her husband of being deceitful.

“Alok introduced himself as a Gram Panchayat officer before their marriage when he was actually working as a ‘sweeper’,” she said.

Jyoti has filed for divorce from her husband. She has also accused him of hacking her phone and planting false evidence of her infidelity.

Alok, on the other hand, accuses Jyoti of having a relationship with Manish Dubey, her home guard commandant.

Jyoti made it clear in the interview that it is her personal matter. She questioned, “What do you want to see by entering the houses? Why is there an interest in how the husband and wife live? When the relationship deteriorated, the matter went to court.”

Alok accuses Jyoti of corruption as well as having an illicit relationship. He further accuses her and Dubey of plotting to murder him.

With social media taking an avid interest in the controversy, the issue has snowballed from being a mere domestic dispute to one with huge social ramifications.

“After what Jyoti has done to me, which man will now encourage his wife to study and achieve greater heights?” asks Alok.

While many draw a parallel to the story with the 1999 film Sooryavansham, other simply slam Jyoti for this love story gone awry.

With new facts and allegations tumbling out every day, the end to this mudslinging match is far from over.



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