Debattama Saha braves thumb injury, continues to shoot

TV actress Debattama Saha is seen playing a sweet maker based in Mathura who specialises in making Aloo Jalebis. The actress is putting in all efforts to do justice to her character to the extent that she continued shooting despite a thumb injury.

Talking about her injury, Debattama shares: “I had been in pain since the last few weeks, however, I kept avoiding it as I didn’t want to miss a day of the shoot. Having said that, the pain got unbearable and I decided to consult a doctor. That’s when I came to know that I had actually a severe trigger thumb.”

The actress who became quite popular with her role in ‘Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani’ says that the makers gave her all the support and added a sequence in the show where her thumb gets injured so as to make it look natural.

“I had to get a plaster because the pain was unbearable, but I didn’t want to stop shooting. That’s when the writers of the show came up with a solution and improvised the track by adding a sequence where I would get the same injury on the show as well.”

“Now, I can comfortably shoot with the bandage on my hand, and I must say that my team is really taking good care of me and my comfort during the shoot,” she concludes.

‘Mithai’ airs on Zee TV.




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