‘Declare Himalayas as eco sensitive zone’

RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagaran Manch along with concerned citizens and experts on Saturday organised a roundtable on the ‘Imminent Himalayan Crisis’ and passed a draft resolution to declare Himalayas an eco sensitive zone.

It said that parts of our history and rich culture and heritage are on the brink of collapse with the sinking of Joshimath.

The round table noted that in the name of development, construction work and tampering with nature is going on continuously all over Uttarakhand.

Due to the massive deforestation, there is hardly any greenery left on the mountains; and due to this, landslides have become a common feature in these youngest fold mountains.

“It has to be understood that the present generation and the government has the responsibility of not only the protection of the Himalayan region, but also the future of all the people living on this land, who are dependent on the rivers coming out of this region. The present governments, both at the centre and the state, will have to demonstrate the utmost sensitivity, otherwise the future generations will never forgive us,” it said.

It said that this is not the first time that such a tragedy has happened in the Himalayan region.

Earlier in the year 2021 also, 200 people including the labourers of Tapovan dam had died in the Chamoli flood.

Earlier in 2013 too, a large number of bridges, roads and buildings had collapsed due to floods in the Ganga, Yamuna and its tributaries in the region after heavy rains. There has been an evident increase in the number of such disasters in the Himalayan region in recent years, it said.

It was discussed that uncontrolled construction work in such fragile terrain is the reason for the collapse of Joshimath and recent disasters.

Discussing possible solutions, it said, “Disastrous construction in the name of development without assessing the expected impact is becoming the cause of today’s and earlier tragedies. This crisis can be avoided only by curbing this indiscriminate construction. But the construction work in different places cannot be stopped without making a law.”




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