Deconstructing the square space on paper


New Delhi, June 12 (IANSlife) An exclusively online exhibition of three suites of minimal monochromatic works by New Delhi-based contemporary artist Chetnaa explores tendencies and potentialities of square space. Presented by Anupa Mehta Arts, the exhibition is titled ‘P 4 L (Deconstructing Square Space)’ can be viewed on Instagram.

Anupa Mehta, Director, Anupa Mehta Arts, shares, “AMA is extremely proud to present the work of a rare young minimalist. I have been working with Chetnaa for a few years prior to representing her. Her artistic trajectory is proof of growth. Some of India’s better known collectors, such as KNMA, Motwani Jadeja Foundation and JSW Foundation have her works.” This online exhibition will continue until June 24 on the Instagram pages of Anupa Mehta Arts and represented artist, Chetnaa.

Her geometric abstractions are drawn largely from the landscape and architecture of her city : keen observations of the metropolis translated into an eloquent schematic of lines and markers. Initiated as symmetrical arrangements, Chetnaa’s work reveals the need to deconstruct the order she once sought, so as to build a new geometric logic that feeds her minimalist aesthetic.

About the three suites of work, Chetnaa, says, “While developing one’s art, an artist is constantly moved psychologically by not only other artists but also their own personal surroundings and environment. In my case, since I travel a lot in the city, it is my constant quest to abstract the cityscape to a form of minimal geometric purity that could be visually consumed in an instant.”

Ombres (Shadows)

“Ombres, imbibes my love for formal simplicity through a geometric form and the absence yet the presence of a colour coupled with a labyrinth of shadows it leaves behind. It all started with my fascination to disintegrate an elemental shape: the square. And a conscious effort to reduce the pictorial meaning to a bare essential one, in a work of art. As per minimalist definition, the works are not trying to imitate or represent any found object or reality, instead I want my viewer to respond to what’s in front of them.”

Presence | Absence

“My practice revolves around balancing the nuances of white of the paper and black, that of the ink. Following and flowing with the direction of my works I have now started to disintegrate a basic shape: an exploration of balance between positive and negative space, presence and absence. Presence | Absence, is a systematic exploration of the combinations and compositions that can be created within self-imposed parameters.”

Lines in a Grid

“Lines in a Grid, explores my preoccupation with that of an elemental form and lines. The simple yet the tenuous weaving of thread through paper brings forth a new order to my minimal geometric musings on paper.”

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