Deepali Saini turns dark in upcoming episode of ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’

Actress Deepali Saini is all set to play a bold character with a dark shade in the upcoming episode of ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’.

She is essaying a negative character of Jugni Punjaban, a kingpin behind some of the most illegal activities.

Talking about her character, she shares: “My character Jugni is a very strong woman who dwells in all sorts of illegal activities. She is someone who will look into the Police’s eyes and talk without a sign of fear. One word that perfectly describes Jugni is ‘Dabang’.””The fact that attracted me the most about the character is the way she carries herself and the strong personality she has. People literally fear her and that’s not something everybody can do. I have always enjoyed playing dark and grey shades as it gives you an opportunity to explore the character as much as possible,” she adds.

“Making the role so convincing that it creates a sense of hatred towards the character among the people is the real challenge that I accept every time I get into the skin of a villain,”she shares.

Excited to join the show ‘Crime Patrol 2.0’, Deepali adds: ” It’s one of the shows on Indian television that gives a glimpse into the psyche of the criminals and not just narrates a story, making it very intriguing for the viewers to watch. True to the core of the show, the focus is always on ensuring that the viewers at large understand the situations and stay ‘Satark’. In its new avatar, Crime Patrol 2.0 is a perfect combination of thriller, action, drama and emotions.”

‘Crime Patrol 2.0’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.




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