Deepti Naval unveils memoir ‘A Country Called Childhood’

Hindi cinema’s veteran actor Deepti Naval has recently launched her memoir titled, ‘A Country Called Childhood’. The book was launched by her friend and peer Sharmila Tagore on Tuesday, July 5, 2022.

At the book launch event Deepti Naval spoke about her book, the movie industry and her plans. When the media asked her if she was keen on writing more books, Deepti Naval said, “I would definitely speak or write about some of (my) wonderful experiences in the film industry.”

She then touched upon the infamous image that the entertainment industry has garnered these days. The 70-year-old actor said, “These days the whole world is out there on the net giving a lot of gaalis (abuses) to the film industry. It’s come under flak for various reasons, real, unreal, I can’t make out. This is not the industry I know.”

Naval said her experience with the people in the showbiz industry was “very different” from what is seen splashed across social media these days.

She also added, “What all is going on in the tweets or remarks on the net, I don’t relate to that because I’ve met some wonderful people. There are all kinds of people everywhere, in every profession, or area of life. Right now, the industry is being singled out as the worst place in the world to be in.”

Deepti also said that compared to her peers she has worked “very little” but she doesn’t regret being choosy. “My colleagues had done 250 films, whereas I’ve done only 100 films. But I’m okay with that. If I was consumed by Hindi cinema, I wouldn’t feel the need to write or paint or go on treks,” she said.

Naval also credited the OTT boom for the increased opportunities it gives artists. “Today, people who are looking for a break can put out their stuff online and get reactions. A lot more actors and technicians in Bombay are getting work today due to OTT,” Naval said.

Sharmila Tagore, who launched the book for her close friend heaped praises on Deepti Naval’s memoir. She said, “She is a sensitive actor, writer, poet, painter, filmmaker, but above all, a thinker. In this book, she delves into her childhood with admirable honesty and artistic vision. And the end result is a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of evocative vignettes which hold you spellbound. When you’re exploring Deepti’s journey, you will also explore yours.”



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