Deer dies after its head gets stuck in iron gate in Andhra

An adult spotted deer succumbed to shock and fear after its head got stuck between the grills of an iron gate as it tried to escape a pack of chasing dogs at Markapuram town in Prakasam district in Andhra Pradesh.

“The deer died due to shock and fear. According to the locals, in an bid to escape the dogs, its head got stuck between the grills of a gate,” a local forest official told IANS. She added that the deer could have come to drink water from a water body near the town and may have accidentally ventured into the human habitation.

Though the animal’s head got stuck in between the grills, the official confirmed that it suffered no external injuries such as tear, piercing or a bruise.

“It couldn’t take off its head. Normally, herbivores are very weak hearted and get very scared,” she said.

She said such animal’s heart races due to fear which could have contributed to its death.

“The people of the colony said that they saw the deer in the morning and observed that if there had been any commotion during the night, they would have woken up,” she noted.

Forest officials conducted a panchnama and disposed of the carcass by burning it completely.

According to the official, Markapuram is neither famous for spotted deer nor such an incident had happened earlier.