Delhi: 46 Covid deaths in five days, 11 were vaccinated with both doses

As per the Delhi health department data, out of the total 46 deaths recorded between January 5 to 9 in the national capital, 11 people were vaccinated with both doses of vaccines against Covid-19.

The national capital so far has recorded a total of 70 Covid deaths in this month. The capital city has recorded 17 deaths for two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday.

Of the total 46 deaths in five days, 34 had comorbidities such as cancer and heart and liver diseases. As per the data, 21 people with comorbidities got infected with Covid after being admitted to the hospitals. Of the total deaths, 32 patients were admitted into the ICU ward of the hospital.

More than half of the deaths in the last five days were people above 60 years of age. Of these, 25 were in the 60 plus age bracket, while 14 patients were from 41 to 60 age group. Five deaths have been reported from the 21 to 40 age group, while one from 16 to 20 and one from zero to 15 age group.

Of the total deaths, 12 succumbed on the same day of the hospital admission as per the data. 11 patients died within one day of hospital admission, 6 died after two days of admission. 14 people died within three to seven days and three died after one week of hospital admission.




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