Delhi AIIMS nurses on indefinite strike after union president suspended


The nurses union of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Tuesday began an indefinite strike after the union’s president Harish Kajla was suspended by hospital administration.

Nursing Officer Harish Kumar Kajla was suspended with immediate effect on Monday night in view of the April 22 incident of disrupting OT patient services.

The union is seeking immediate revocation of suspension of Kajla and stopping of all kinds of retaliative measures against union executives and union members of main OT.

“In response to your unilateral decision to suspend Harish Kajla, president of AIIMS Nurses Union, without even citing proper reasons, the union has called an emergency executive meeting and decided to go on indefinite strike from 8 a.m., 26/4/2022 demanding immediate revocation of suspension of Harish Kumar Kajla and stopping of all kinds of retaliative measures against union executives and Union members of main OT”, said nurses union in a letter to AIIMS director Randeep Guleria.

In a statement, the union said: “The union has always been receptive and open to expressing our genuine concerns and version throughout this issue. But unfortunately, we were neither called, nor contacted via any communication which forced us to go on an indefinite strike to safeguard the basic rights of our members.”

However, the AIIMS RDA said that the suspension of Kajla is an action taken against his misbehaviour and the use of abusive language against a resident doctor. “Whoever is diverting this matter for political gain , be aware that the RDA, AIIMS is going to fight for the self respect of residents always”, said RDA AIIMS.



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