Delhi Assembly Committee to visit cleanest cities to chart out plan for MCD

The Delhi Assembly’s Committee on MCD will visit the country’s cleanest cities soon and chart out a plan for the MCD to make Delhi garbage free and clean.

A meeting of the Assembly Committee, headed by Saurabh Bharadwaj, was held on Wednesday and looked into the responsibilities and functioning of the MCD. It was decided to undertake an on-ground study as part of which they will visit other cities in the country that have been successful in running their local civic bodies.

The committee, chaired by Bhardwaj will undertake on-ground studies in various cities from next Monday and meet local officials to understand garbage management.

“The aim of the committee is to learn the best practices from throughout the country and the world and to implement them in Delhi to improve sanitation within the city. From next Monday, committee members and MCD officials will go on field visits to study solid waste management, segregation and sanitation models of various cities. A report will be prepared after these visits to enlist best practises that can be adopted by the MCD,” Bhardwaj told the media after the meeting.

The members will visit those cities where there has been commendable work in the areas of sanitation and waste management, segregation and recycling of waste, successful implementation of solid waste management, etc. The field visit team will also meet senior officials of the civic body of these cities and take lessons in waste management.

About the initiative, Bhardwaj said: “It is the beginning of a new phase in the MCD after the unification of the corporation and with a new government is now in-charge of it, and the aim of this committee of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha is to bring in the best practises from throughout the country and the world and to implement it in Delhi to improve sanitation within the city.”

He added further that from the next Monday onwards, the group which will consist of members of the committee and some senior officials of the MCD will undertake their field visit in the select cities of the country and will understand the best practises in the various cities and will interact with the senior officials who are responsible for the best practises in the local civic bodies.




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