Delhi-based Antariksh release music video for ‘Quest’

The Delhi-based project Antariksh have released the music video of their recently released single, “Quest”. Varun Rajput, brain behind the progressive rock project, feels that the song, which saw him collaborate with Megadeth guitarist Mary Friedman, needed an animated video, which can be interpreted in many ways.

“I’m really excited about how the visuals and story almost perfectly compliment the song and just can’t wait for people across the world to see it and interpret the story in their own ways,” Rajput tells IANS.

He also talks about the “humbling experience” he had while working with Friedman for the song.

“The collaboration with Marty Friedman happened in a surreal and almost bizarre way when I met him at the Delhi airport. I somehow gathered the courage to ask him if he’d be up for playing a guest solo on one of our songs,” he says.

“Working and interacting with him was a really humbling and enriching experience for he is such a modest and affable person,” adds Rajput.

For Marty, this was his third collaboration with an Indian act, and it is clear why he loves collaborating with musicians from India, especially when he talks about his love for music by Pandit Ravi Shankar.

“As a kid, I learned a lot of melody sense and rhythmic things from sitar music. I learned only the surface, nothing deep, and I certainly did not master anything I learned. But it taught me how to find things I like and steal just those things. I did that with music from many other cultures. Playing in a real Indian project, the goal for me was just to get through it without anyone saying, ‘This guy is a fake! He is making a fool out of himself trying to play along with real Indians’,” Marty tells us.

“Something about Varun gave me the idea that he was the real deal, and once I heard the song I was in. The song was really well thought-out and I could feel that Varun and his band put a lot of energy and care into the detail,” he adds.