Delhi coal crisis: Kejriwal writes to PM Modi


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the prevailing coal shortage situation that has struck the national capital for the third month in a row, affecting power generation in the city.

The problem that has been continuing since August “has affected the power generation from the major Central Generating Plants supplying power to NCT of Delhi,” the chief minister wrote.

The letter further mentioned, “The CERC Tariff Regulations (Regulation 34) mandates the generating station to maintain a coal stock of 10 days and 20 days for pithead and non-pithead stations respectively.”

According to CEA daily coal report, only a single day’s stock is left at NTPC Dadri-II, Jhajhar, and DVC (CTPS) and four days at Singrauli. Whereas, Mejia is out of coal stock.

“Under this situation, the dependency on Gas Stations supplying power to Delhi increases. However, the Gas plants supplying power to Delhi do not have adequate APM gas to run at full capacity,” Kejriwal wrote, adding, “If this situation continues unabated, it would severely impact the power supply situation in Delhi.”

PPCL-I and GT stations are facing a shortfall of APM gas at 1.77 and 1.07, respectively.

The Aam Aadmi Party leader has suggested the Prime Minister Office (PMO) to intervene in assuring “adequate coal may be diverted from other plants to plants like Dadri-II and Jhajjar TPS, which are supplying to Delhi.

The second suggestion in the letter read, “APM gas may be allocated to plants like Bawana, Pragati-I and GTPS supplying power to Delhi. Adequate quantity of NAPM gas be supplied to power stations in Delhi.”

“Maximum rate of power sold in any slot through the Exchange, currently at Rs 20 per unit, may be suitably capped to discourage profiteering by traders and generators from the current crisis,” CM suggested.

“These measures are essential to maintain uninterrupted power in Delhi which is catering to strategic and important installations of national importance apart from supplying power to essential services like the cold chains for the vaccination drives, hospitals, health care centres, Covid care centres etc,” he added.

India is battling severe coal shortage that will have a huge impact on power generation. Recently, this problem has started hitting the national capital too with officials saying that the city may see an intermittent rotational load shedding in the coming days.