Monday, July 22, 2024

Delhi: Constable chasing bike collides with another vehicle, injured

A Delhi Police constable, who was following a bike, was injured after he collided with another vehicle in West Delhi, an official said on Tuesday.

The constable has been identified as Ravi who is undergoing treatment at a hospital.

“The person riding the motorcycle has been identified as Taran Preet Singh (22), a resident of Tilak Nagar,” said a police officer.

“In initial questioning, he mentioned that he works with a garments shop in Tilak Nagar. At the time of the incident, they did not have the documents of the motorcycle. So when the police on bike followed them, they thought that they may be caught,” the officer said.

“When the police bike got close to their motorcycle, he took a sharp turn, which led to the incident,” said the officer.

“Further facts are being checked and it is also being checked which all vehicles passed from there around the time of incident, to ascertain the exact sequence of events,” he added.



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