Monday, July 22, 2024

Delhi court hands two-year jail term to architect for forging sign of dead person

 An architect and his associate have been sentenced to imprisonment by a Delhi court for using the thumb impression of a deceased individual and forging the signature of a sub-divisional magistrate (headquarters) in order to obtain a water harvesting certificate for a building.

The building’s plan had already been approved by the DDA (Delhi Development Authority) in 2010.

Special Judge Sanjeev Kumar Malhotra has ordered architect Charan Singh Solanki and his associate Parmod Garg to serve a two-year jail term, rejecting the possibility of probation for Solanki.

The judge said that as an architect, Solanki held a greater responsibility when it came to verifying signatures, thumb impressions, and issuing certificates in accordance with the law.

The prosecution also argued against leniency, stating that such forgery impacts the moral conscience of society.

The judge also took into consideration that Solanki was already serving a prison sentence in another case.

The judge said that considering the role of Solanki and the fact that he is an architect with a higher responsibility to attest signature/thumb impressions and issue certificates as per rules and law, I am not inclined to grant him the benefit of probation.

According to the prosecution, Solanki, functioning as an architect, submitted a report to the DDA, which was accepted for the purpose of approving a building plan.

He provided a water harvesting certificate that included a forged thumb impression of the original allottee.

Additionally, he attached a copy of a letter requesting an extension of time, which had not been issued by the DDA, as per the prosecution’s claims.



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