Delhi, Goa CMs cross swords on Twitter


Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant and his Delhi counterpart Arvind Kejriwal crossed swords on Twitter, a day after Power Ministers of the two states engaged in a public spat in pollbound Goa, over the benefits of power tariff models implemented by their respective governments.

The online slamming between the two chief ministers started with Sawant accusing the Aam Aadmi Party of indulging in cheap politics and denigrating Goan politicians.

“AAP has always indulged in cheap politics through constant protests & theatrics. But to say Goans are third class politicians, is an insult to great sons-of-the-soil like Bhausaheb Bandodkar, Jack Sequeira, Manohar Bhai Parrikar, Rajendra Arlekar or Shripad Bhau Naik. AAP is free to create hype for their political benefits but to come to Goa and insult our leaders is unacceptable,” Sawant tweeted first.

Kejriwal, who’s party is aiming to get a secure foothold in Goa politics after a dismal outing in the 2017 state assembly polls, responded by saying that it was unfair to compare the current set of politicians to past political stalwarts, even invoking the reference to late Manohar Parrikar, a former BJP Chief Minister and a Union Defence Minister.

“Pramodbabu, by comparing present set of politicians to such political greats, you are insulting them. Current BJP neither has the greatness of Bhausaheb Bandodkar, integrity of Dr. Jack Sequeira or vision of Manohar Parrikar,” Kejriwal said.

“Bhausaheb Bandodkar has been insulted by the way MLAs have been bought and sold. Dr. Jack Sequeira didn’t fight to see Goan votes being bought and sold. Manohar Parrikar didn’t work tirelessly to see Congress MLAs being bought wholesale,” the Delhi CM added.

In response, Sawant accused Kejriwal of being selective in his comments and accused the Delhi CM of hobnobbing with the same politicians he had slammed.

“Arvind ji, you are being selective as always. You have ignored our present leaders whom I mentioned in my tweet, who have risen from grassroots. They are epitome of integrity and humility,” Sawant said.

“Also, in this current set as you mentioned, there are politicians from Goa with whom you and your party is holding discussion and meetings. There are also some politicians, including from the Congress who have joined your party. Are these Goan politicians third class?” Sawant said.