Delhi govt allocated Rs 60 cr for Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum, Rs 52.52 cr on ads

According to an internal report of Delhi Government on Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum which was rolled out for classes 9 to 12 to promote entrepreneurship among students, Rs 60 crore was allocated to the project for 2021-2022, said a source from Delhi government on Saturday.

Out of this allocation, only Rs 56.14 crore was disbursed to the school for giving seed grant of Rs 2000 per student for rolling out his/her business idea. The report also brought out that Delhi government spent Rs 52.52 crore on advertisements for disbursement of this scheme.

The source said that total Rs 28,79,20,000 was spent on telecasting 8 episodes featuring only 24 teams by AAP government on various TV channels during just two months from November 2021 to January 2022. The report goes on to explain that DIP spent an additional amount of Rs 23,73,04,357.56 on print media, TVC promo, radio, outdoor and digital channels.

The Delhi government source said, “It mocks the basic reasonability to justify spending Rs 52.52 crore in the name of publicising a project which is actually giving merely Rs 2,000 per student for building and executing an entrepreneurial idea.”

The internal note explains nothing about the actual input and process applied for inculcating Entrepreneurship Mindset under EMC.

It mentions nothing about any expert engagement, entrepreneurship lab or incubation centre at school level being developed. There is absolutely no information about sector or subject of entrepreneurial ideas generated by students or any real impact of the project.

“The report writes only few lines each on objectives of curriculum content and disbursement of Rs 2,000 per student,” the source claimed further.




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