Delhi govt Budget for 2021-22 passed, Assembly adjourned

Delhi Government’s annual estimated budget of Rs 69,000 crore for 2021-22 was passed by the Legislative Assembly on Friday. However, after the Budget was passed, Speaker Ram Nivas Goel adjourned the Budget session for an indefinite period, four days ahead of the scheduled date, due to Covid-19.

The AAP-led Delhi government had presented the ‘Deshbhakti’ Budget on Monday. In the last two days during the discussion over the Budget, the ruling party AAP and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spared on issues such as proposed excise policy, water, farmers, MCD, however, both the parties took ‘Deshbhakti’ slogan as an opportunity to express their thoughts against each other in the Assembly.

Reiterating the meaning of ‘Deshbakti’, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia said, “For us, progress and growth, educating students, providing free electricity and water to our citizens is deshbhakti. We don’t believe in making people feel small, we believe that treating everyone equally and respecting all is deshbhakti. We want to provide meaningful employment opportunities to our youth and our traders, which I believe is true deshbhakti.”

“As children, we used to study about developed, developing and under-developed nations. We were always told that India is a developing nation. I believe that we have the opportunity, through education, that our nation achieves the status of a developed country. We have to envision such a feat by improving our educational structures, healthcare facilities and providing our citizens with necessary welfare schemes. It is the ultimate mission of our government to take our country to progressive heights,” he added.

Meanwhile, he also slammed the Opposition claiming that the AAP government believes in working for the people of Delhi. He stated that the BJP has been in charge of the MCD for the last 15 years but it is astonishing to see that children who study in Grade V in the MCD schools are unable to read Grade II textbooks.

Sisodia said “It is the key focus of AAP government to extend help and hope to those who are not privileged. The politics of Delhi government is politics of work. We have made schools; schools that have been constructed by all of you. We have provided free water and electricity to three-fourth of Delhi. We have subsidised healthcare. We don’t just say things – we do them.”