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Delhi govt felicitates 16 handicraft artisans

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday felicitated 16 artisans who excelled in the field of handicrafts with State Award and State Merit Award for 2020 and 2021 at the Delhi Secretariat here on Tuesday.

Chief Minister Kejriwal said that unemployment has “increased significantly” in the country and in such a situation handicrafts could play a significant role in generating employment opportunities on a large scale.

“For this, it is necessary for the government to encourage artisans. If the government provides financial assistance and skill training to craftsmen, it can create employment opportunities at a higher level in the field of handicrafts. The Delhi government will work towards this direction,” he said.

He said that there are thousands of craftsmen in Delhi and a plan would be formulated to bring them all on one platform.

Kejriwal said that discussions should be held with the artisans on how they can take their crafts to a higher level.

“I believe that they would need financial support. If we can arrange for proper financial assistance, artists can significantly improve their art,” he said.

As per the government data, there are over 20,000 handicraft artists in Delhi. Also, there are young individuals who are engaged in some form of creative work.

“If we attempt to connect all these artisans through advertisements, we can reach approximately 200,000 artists in Delhi. If we can turn their creativity into their source of employment, they will not only find jobs but also enhance their creativity… We will work towards this goal and soon hold a meeting to develop a plan for it,” Kejriwal said.



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