Delhi govt launches song to teach children purpose of education – have a listen


The Delhi government on Tuesday released an educational song intended to teach children studying in schools about communal harmony, patriotism, and women empowerment and the purpose of education.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister, Manish Sisodia said that the song aims to answer critical questions about the purpose of education in nation-building.

Delhi’s education department is the first department not only in the country but world to have an education song, he said.

The song is not just a song, but rather a dream about Delhi. The song talks about why and what the education system of Delhi wants to teach students.

Sharing the video song on Twitter, Sisodia said: “A person gives important 20 years of his life to education. But what do we want by giving 20 years of long education? What is our intention? What do the child, parents, society and nation want from education? Answering these questions, Delhi Education Geet is being released today.”

The song lyrics have been written by Alok Srivastava and the song has been sung by famous singers, Shaan and Sneha Shankar.

On this occasion, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in his tweet urged everyone to listen to the song. “Let us talk about giving the best education to every child of the country. Talk about taking the country forward through education. Must listen to this education song of Delhi.”



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