Delhi govt revises auto-rickshaw, taxi fares, new fares to be notified soon

Amid rising CNG fares in Delhi over the last few months, the Delhi government on Friday approved the revised fare for auto rickshaws and taxis in the capital city.

The new fares wil be applicable once these are notified in the coming weeks. The last revision in auto rickshaw fares was done in 2020 while for taxis – the black and yellow taxis, economy taxis and premium taxi, the last happened nine years back in 2013.

After many representations from the auto rickshaw and taxi associations to Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot, a 13-member Committee was formed in May this year to review and recommend the fare in the wake of increasing rate of CNG.

The committee recommended revising the fare for black and yellow and economy taxis, which was then reviewed and approved by the Delhi government, but was against changing the existing fare for the premium taxi category to avoid them being too expensive for the users.

According to the government decision, a commuter taking an auto will have to pay Rs 30 instead of the existing Rs 25 for the first 1.5 kilometres. For every subsequent kilometre, the pasenger will have to pay Rs 11 in place of the existing Rs 9.

For taxis, for the first kilometre, there is no change in rates for both AC and non-AC vehicles. Subsequently, the per kilometre charge has been hiked from Rs 14 to Rs 17 for non-AC vehicles and from Rs 16 to Rs 20 for AC vehicles.

However, there is no change in the waiting charges and it will remain at the existing Rs 30 per hour.

The Transport Minister said: “Under the leadership of CM Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi has always been committed to be empathetic to the people driving autos and taxis in Delhi. We have seen the fuel prices in India have gone up in the recent months which has impacted the profits of the drivers. The increased cost led them to further drive less km which ultimately impacted the supply on road for the citizens of Delhi traveling to their offices or home. The revised fares will help them to support their families and will also provide convenience to the passengers with increased availability of auto rickshaws and taxis in the city.”




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