Delhi govt schools to teach lessons in patriotism from next session

The Delhi government will launch the patriotism curriculum from kindergarten to class 8 in all its schools from the next academic session.

The syllabus will also work towards helping students develop a thorough understanding of the self, family, school, society, nation and the world.

The Delhi government says the objective of the curriculum is to reinforce the values and skills in children that contribute towards nation-building and prepare the student evolve into a responsible and alert citizen.

Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said this about the syllabus: “India’s glorious past and our constitutional values should not be restricted just to books. We need to implement them in day to day life as well.”

A panel has been constituted to design the patriotism curriculum. Members of the committee briefed Sisodia on the development of the curriculum in New Delhi on Monday.

The Delhi government says the curriculum will help create feelings of patriotism and responsibility towards the nation. The teaching methodology will include group activity, mind mapping, role play, storytelling etc.

The syllabus committee is working in close association with Teach for India, Community, the Youth Collective and We The People.