Delhi govt to take senior citizens to visit Ram temple: Kejriwal

Addressing the Delhi assembly on Wednesday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said once the Ram temple in Ayodhya is ready, the government will take Delhi’s senior citizens to Ayodhya for a visit.

Kejriwal said this during the motion of thanks on Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal’s address to the budget session.

Kejriwal said his government is following 10 agendas taken from Ram’s life. “I am a Lord Ram bhakt (follower) and working on 10 points of development taken from Lord Ram’s life.

These are the 10 agendas Kejriwal claimed his government is following to usher in Ram Rajya in Delhi:

1. Kejriwal said the first agenda of his government is to provide food for all. “We are committed to ensure that not a single person should sleep hungry in Delhi.”

2. Delhi government is working to ensure that every poor child gets equal opportunity for education and also for jobs. The government has taken many steps including launching job portals. Kejriwal claimed around one lakh unemployed people have benefited so far.

3. The AAP government is working to ensure free and better health services for all people.

4. Kejriwal said that in many states electricity charges are so high despite it becoming an essential part of life. He said, “Delhi government has made a provision of free electricity up to 200 units per household. It is a part of the Ram Rajya scheme in Delhi.”

5. Water is an essential commodity for human life and accepting this fact the AAP government has made a provision of 20,000 litres water free for each family in Delhi.

6. Delhi government’s job portals, start-ups and many other initiatives are benefiting lakhs of unemployed people, he further claimed.

7. Kejriwal said “Jahan jhuggi, wahan makaan” is part of his Ram Rajya programme.

8. Security of women: “The police is not under the Delhi government but it should not be a matter of concern or debate. Whosoever is authorised must do it. We are doing our part of responsibility. We have installed CCTV cameras, free DTC services for women and deployed Home Guards in buses.”

9. Respect for senior citizens: “Once the Ram temple in Ayodhya is ready, the Delhi government will take the senior citizens of Delhi for a religious visit there,” Kejriwal said.

10. Everybody is equal under the Delhi government.