Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Delhi HC raises concerns over lack of space for judicial officers

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday expressed concerns about the lack of space for judicial officers, particularly mentioning the shortage of courtrooms for the 110 magistrates expected to join next year.

A division bench of Acting Chief Justice Manmohan and Justuce Mini Pushkarna directed the Delhi government to state whether it would provide funds and land to address the issue.

The court stressed on the importance of prioritising courts and observed the serious problem arising from insufficient space.

“Our priority are courts. We don’t have enough courts, 110 magistrates are going to be ready next year. We don’t have space for them. It is a serious problem,” the court said.

“No project is getting sanctioned. Nothing is in the pipeline No infrastructure is getting sanctioned. They are not releasing the funds… If the Delhi government is willing to give funds, we have no problems,” the bench remarked.

The matter has been listed for further hearing in December, awaiting instructions from the Delhi government on the availability of funds and land for proper infrastructure in district courts.



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