Delhi man got murdered by wife, ex-wife after three year conspiracy

The present and former wives of a 45-year-old man conspired for three years and finally got him murdered with the help of a sharpshooter, Delhi Police said on Sunday.

Following the murder of Sanjiv Kumar, three accused – his wife Geeta Devi alias Najma, 28, former wife Geeta, 42, and her daughter Komal, 21, have been arrested.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Southeast, Esha Pandey said information was received on July 6 from Majidia Hospital about a person, identified as Sanjeev Kumar, being brought dead from an accident site and a police team reached there. It was found that the man was brought there by his wife Geeta Devi alias Najma.

“Geeta Devi told police that she, along with her husband and son, was coming back to her home from the vegetable market on a motorcycle, when her husband suddenly fell down. She could not explain about the gunshot injury to her husband,” she added.

The DCP said Geeta Devi Najma was trying to divert the investigation, and had claimed that her husband was threatened by DTC workers of Kalkaji Depot. When the police enquired, her claims were found bogus.

During sustained interrogation, Geeta Devi disclosed that her husband was married earlier too and his ex-wife’s name is also Geeta and she is separately living along with her son and 2 daughters in Dakshinpuri area.

It was learnt that both Geeta Devi and Geeta were in contact with each other for the past several years. When the former wife learnt about the cruel behaviour of Sanjeev Kumar towards his new wife, she gave her a new mobile phone, without his knowledge to communicare.

“The former wife became attuned to Geeta Devi’s suffering with her husband. So, both, along with Komal, daughter of Geeta, hatched a criminal conspiracy to kill Sanjeev about 2-3 years ago and divide his property among themselves,” the official said.

Geeta Devi contacted her cousin Iqbal and asked him to arrange a shooter for killing her husband. Iqbal then brought Nayum and the deal was fixed for Rs 15 lakh.

There was hardly any clue but a breakthrough was achieved when the police found out that Geeta Devi alias Najma had taken – and then deleted – a photograph of the number plate of Sanjeev Kumar’s motorcycle. Later it was found that she had shared that picture with Nayum.

“Nayum shot Sanjeev Kumar dead near Deepalaya School, Transit camp,” the DCP said.

Both Iqbal and Nayum are absconding since the incident.




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