Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Delhi minister Atishi felicitates young women who graduated from After Care Homes

Delhi Women and Child Development (WCD) Minister Atishi on Sunday felicitated young women who graduated from After Care Homes at Nirmal Chhaya Complex on Jail Road.

During the event, Atishi also awarded medals to girls for excellence in academics, sports, and various activities at the After Care Home, and handed over job letters to six young women who attained employment.

The AAP minister said that the girls in “our After Care Homes may have received less from nature, but they have been provided with respect, upbringing, and equal opportunities by the Kejriwal government”.

“Kejriwal government is providing excellent opportunities for girls to progress in their Care Homes, like we would for our own children. Through education and skill training, we are empowering these girls in every way so that they can make a new beginning and achieve unbridled success, leaving behind their dark past,” Atishi said.

Addressing the young women, the WCD Minister said: “Along with studying in After Care Homes, you all continue to work hard across the spectrum for a better life. Providing equal opportunities and essential resources to all of you is the responsibility of the Kejriwal government, and we will not falter or fail. The government will provide every necessary opportunity for all of you to grow, aspire, and achieve.”

At Delhi government’s After Care Homes girls who have been victims of abuse, human trafficking, and prostitution are provided with safe accommodation along with essential skills to become self-reliant. The AAP government provides formal education along with skill education in various sectors such as nursing, retail, textile design, cosmetics, and more.



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