New Delhi, April 21 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday announced that the city government will be giving 2,000 food coupons to all MPs and MLAs in Delhi to ensure food to the poor without any documents.

This will be in addition to the foodgrains being provided to the PDS card holders and the non-PDS cardholders with Aadhaar cards, Kejriwal said.

“A number of migrants come to Delhi for some time and now with the lockdown, they are stuck here. They do not have any documentation. So, to provide ration to them, we will be giving each MLA and MP in Delhi 2,000 food coupons.

“They can give it to any poor. The coupon can give five kg ration,” the Chief Minister said.

Kejriwal also said that the government will be giving ration to about 30 lakh non-PDS card holders.

“We were giving extra rations to 71 lakh families with PDS cards and we also announced giving food grains to the poor without ration cards but with Aadhar cards. So far, while 10 lakh such coupons were issued, we will be scaling it up.”

The Chief Minister said an additional 30 lakh people will be given ration through e-coupons.

“We have planned to ensure food security to all poor until the coronavirus crisis is there. We got about 38 lakh applications online for e-coupons.”

Counting the numbers, Kejriwal said his government is giving free ration to half of Delhi’s population.

“Delhi’s population is about 2 crore. We are giving ration to 71 lakh PDS card holders and 30 lakh no-PDS card holders. So, we are providing free ration to one crore people — half of Delhi’s total population.”

With the next month’s ration, Kejriwal said a kit — having other daily use items like soap and salt — will also be given along with the ration.




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