Delhi nurses’body backs trained persons for assistance job

The Trained Nurses’ Association of India (TNAI) has appealed to the Delhi government to recruit only those people who have completed their nursing training, instead of Class XII pass out, for the specialised jobs, in view of the possible third wave of Covid pandemic.

The association said there are many unemployed nurses in Delhi and therefore it is suggested to give appointment only to the nursing personnel with proper salary and working conditions.

TNAI in a letter to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday has opposed the Delhi government’s recently proposed plan to provide training to youth as Community Nursing to strengthen manpower in hospitals in the wake of possible third wave of the pandemic.

“You cannot expect an 18-year-old, just a Class 12 pass out selected on ‘first come-first served’ basis to perform such skilled tasks as administering medicines, injections, vaccination, sample collection and catheterisation after just two weeks training.

In fact we may play havoc with the people’s health if such perfunctory trained persons are asked to do specialised jobs,” said TNAI.

The association further said that Delhi-NCR is alone a home to 33 colleges and schools of nursing rating BSc Nursing (600), GNM Nurses (600) and ANM (200) and around 1,500 nurses passing every year.

Recently, passed out students from these nursing institutions are being equipped properly to perform their tasks.

The letter further read, “We kindly request and direct officers to withdraw this proposal immediately. Also we condemn the use of the term ‘Nursing’ courses which is not approved by the India Nursing Council or the Sate Nursing Council.”

Earlier, Kejriwal on Wedenesday announced that the Delhi government will provide training to 5,000 youth, who will be working under the direction of doctors and nurses as health assistants in view of a possible third wave of Covid-19. They will be called Community Nursing assistants.

Kejriwal also added that these community nursing assistants will be trained in basic nursing, paramedic, lifesaving, first aid and home care, sample collection, oxygen concentrators and cylinder operations, among other things.